Applying for an Ijara Transaction

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Getting started with your IjaraTM transaction is easy!

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  1. Fill out an application with one of our Licensed Lenders by clicking Complete Application Form. This is recommended if you are ready to apply now. The process can take approximately five to fifteen minutes. You will have the opportunity to save your work and return to it later.
  2. Have a Knowledgeable Sharia Compliance Representative contact you
  3. Download the loan application, complete it as best you can, then mail or fax it to a licensed Lender of your choice. and/or Ijara Marketing, LLC does not take applications, make loans or credit decisions in connection with loans, nor does IjaraLoans issue commitments or lock-in agreements. IjaraLoans and/or Ijara Marketing, LLC's services are only administrative. Any loan inquiry you submit is NOT an application for credit. Rather, it is an inquiry to be matched with Lenders to receive conditional loan offers from Lenders that will allow a Sharia Compliant structure. You may have to complete an application with a Lender before they will extend an unconditional offer. A Lender you select may require you to pay an application or other fee to cover the costs of an appraisal, credit report or other items. The Lender, not IjaraLoans and/or Ijara Marketing, LLC, will determine the amount of any such fee and should provide information to you regarding the refundability of any such fee.IjaraLoans and/or Ijara Marketing, LLC does not endorse or recommend the products of any particular Lender. IjaraLoans nor Ijara Marketing, LLC is not an agent of you or any Lender. IjaraLoans and/or Ijara Marketing, LLC's services are only administrative. You should rely on your own judgment in deciding which available loan product, terms and Lender best suits your needs and financial means. The Lender is solely responsible for its services to you, and you agree that IjaraLoans and/or Ijara Marketing, LLC shall not be liable for any damages or costs of any type arising out of or in any way connected with your use of such services. You understand that Lenders may keep your loan request information and any other information provided by IjaraLoans and/or Ijara Marketing, LLC or received by them in the processing of your loan request, whether or not you are qualified for a loan with them or if you make a loan with them. You agree to notify any particular Lender directly if you no longer want to receive communications.


Helpful Tips - Document Checklist

The following Document Checklist and Instructions will help you in filling out your loan application.